How to choose the best epilator

Epilators are one of the most common ways of hair removal. It is an amazing product for hair removal. Choosing the best epilator for your smooth hair removal like that has become quite a deal. Epilators ensure smooth and silky hair less skin in adequate amount of time and money. Epilators are not expensive devices provided the long term uses it has.Because it is like an investment that you do and it will last for a long time period. It is one of the best hair removing tools. Epilators work by pulling the hair out from roots while shavers and trimmers only cut them from the surface. It removes hair very efficiently by simple steps.

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Every epilator possess its own specific features and accessories that are designed by keeping in mind the needs of consumers. Therefore, for buying the best epilator one should consider all the aspects of an epilator. Basically, there are three types of epilators found in market: Epilators with a rotating disk or epilators with multiple tweezers and there are some epilators which have a rotating spiral wiring in it.

The epilator with rotating disc has the rotating discs in them which are coiled together so that it capture the hair from your skin and pull the hair out. These discs are also available separately and can be changed often. The spiral wired epilator works in the same way; springs are coiled together in this type of epilator instead of the discs.

The best and the newesttype is the epilators which have tweezers in them. This type has plates which are not complete discs. A tweezing effect is created when the epilator’s head rotates and the plates in them move together to remove the hair. This process pulls out the hair when comes close to the skin and remove all the hair from that area.

How to choose the best epilator

Specs of epilator:

For choosing the best epilator one should know the specs of the epilator for e.g. knowing how many tweezers an epilator has. Main emphasis is given to tweezers as they are the ones that actually remove the hair from the skin. Some epilators have 20 tweezers in them while some have 30 ,the highest tweezers an epilator has is around 70 to 72.The epilators with high amount of tweezers in it is expensive while the lesser the tweezers are less will be the cost. The epilator with fewer tweezers in it consumes more time as compared to the epilators with more tweezers in it.

Mostly epilator is used on legs and arms only but it can also be used to treat the hair of face, under arms and bikini line.For the best use and result one should buy an epilator with special heads on it which can be used for all areas. With this feature you don’t have to spend extra dollars on getting a specific epilator for every area. If you need to know more you can also checkout this site. It is required to consider all the features given above to find the best epilator for the perfect results.


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